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Klein Enterprises houses an interior office staff of highly trained professionals, dealing with all aspects of commercial real estate management, from exterior, physical maintenance, to the internal, fiscal management of each asset.

By combining the expertise of our on-site property managers and a large network of vendors with the proper staff support, Klein Enterprises has created the right balance in dealing effectively with the three main components of asset management: the owner/investor, the tenant, and the property. We take a proactive, hands-on approach, facilitating open communication among our clients and tenants, to achieve our goals in order to foster successful national, regional and local merchants in our commercial properties. KE also strives to be amongst the most desirable residential communities, while increasing property values and improving operating cash flows. Our individual and collective “stewardship” philosophy advances a personal, direct and efficient management style.

Property management services include, but are not limited to:

  • General lease administration;
  • Tenant relations;
  • Rent and operating expense collection;
  • Regular, on-site inspections;
  • Security personnel and property surveillance, supervision and payment when required;
  • Vendor bidding, selection, supervision, and payment;
  • Debt service payment;
  • Lender servicing requirements, such as legal document reviews, loan subordination and estoppels, etc.
  • Real property tax assessment review, consultation, and payment;
  • Insurance policy review, consultation, and premium payment;
  • Monthly accounting reports such as cash flow distribution, income statements, balance sheets, and other financial data, as may be required and/or requested.