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What began four generations ago with the development of our first retail center in 1948, has developed into more than 4.5 million square feet of residential and commercial properties throughout the east coast of the U.S.

Each unique asset – whether a property developed by Klein, a joint venture, or an acquisition – underwent careful assessment, research, and a valuation process which typically began and ended with the expertise of a man with numerous skills, dedicated to his industry, his family and his community.

klein3Philip E. Klein, Founder
June 22, 1918 – January 28, 2010

Founder and former CEO of Klein Enterprises, Philip “PEK” Klein, began a career in the industry in 1939. Known in Baltimore as “the site man,” Phil Klein’s wealth of knowledge in the real estate industry was virtually unmatched. He earned his Bachelor of Business Administration in 1938 at the University of Baltimore. He was a licensed real estate broker, a real estate appraiser, a certified public accountant, and a principal in the development of twenty-one shopping centers, as well as housing developments in the Baltimore Metropolitan area. PEK served as a trustee for the International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC) from 1973 to 1976, and as the Director of the Maryland Real Estate Commission from 1970 -1975.

As a former instructor in Commercial and Industrial Real Estate at the Evening College of Johns Hopkins University, Phil Klein imparted much wisdom to many students and entrepreneurs entering the real estate arena. He earned tremendous respect from a myriad of industry colleagues, and from those of us fortunate enough to have been mentored by him.

Philip E. Klein will long be remembered as the cornerstone of Klein Enterprises and the name behind the brand. He leaves behind his legacy, and his father’s before him, to his grandson, Daniel, to carry forward generations of experience, decades of success.

klein3Michael Klein
February 10, 1954 – October 18, 2020

Michael began working with his father, Philip E. Klein, in 1977, becoming the third Klein generation to develop, lease, and manage income-producing real estate in the Baltimore marketplace. He was a principal in the design and construction of 25 shopping centers, office buildings, mixed-use, and multi-family projects. He took the family business and created the management company and Klein Enterprises in 1979 when he took the initiative to manage and lease the commercial space in the Klein development portfolio, becoming one of the largest management companies in the Baltimore Metropolitan area.